Even now, the charm of Michael Jordan in my childhood over 20 years ago and how the underdogs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, came back to win the NBA finals still strongly resonates with me.

Something came into my mind during this time. I thought to myself, “I only live once, and I want to do something that I won’t regret not doing later.” I decided to engage myself in the sports business, something which I have aspired since I first saw Michael Jordan on court.

Later on, I enrolled in the Sports Management Master’s program at Columbia University where I was able to acquire the business know-how and develop a great social network. While taking advantage of this network, I established Sporta Inc. along with the slogan ”let enthusiasts change sports”

Now, we have infused many groundbreaking technologies at our company. In addition to introducing this service to Japan and around Asia, we support the expansion of Japanese sports abroad. Moreover, the Sporta Information Department, under the umbrella of Sporta, distributes sports-related insights for the Japanese market.