Company History

June, 2017 Did a detailed analysis of each sport in Japan. While valuing the opinion of authors, we took the step of making a website where readers can spark a debate. We launched Laid Back Banana Sports, a sports information service which helps us achieve these goals.
September, 2017 Launch of our webpage service
October, 2017 Dealt with many sports technologies from the United States. Furthermore, we realized that these technologies have attributed to the enjoyment of sports and has made us move in the direction of paying close attention to these sports technology enterprises. The first technology we encountered was through the Keemotion LLC, which handles fully automated filming, recording, and broadcasting cameras.
April, 2018 Six months after the above, Sporta Corporation, which comprehensively handles the related services that contribute to improving the entertainment of Japanese sports, was established with the concept of “Japanese sports are fun!”
Moreover, our service content includes the exclusive sales rights and licensing of groundbreaking U.S. Technology, in-house data platform development, sports business information distribution, etc.
May, 2018 Bringing along some aspects of the Laid Back Banana Sports Service, which has been withdrawn, we launched our Sporta Information Office. We aim to be an information distribution service that leverages Sporta members’ overseas experience. The members are willing to raise awareness of the Japanese sporting world and analyses sports in-depth from various aspects.
May, 2018 We signed partnerships on exclusive distribution rights for the Japanese market with Aquimo and Daily Bracket, which are engagement services that strengthen ties between fans and team leagues. (Secure exclusive sales rights and licensing rights for several European and American sports technologies for Japan (some parts of  Asia))
June, 2018 We concluded a comprehensive strategic agreement with the company that leads Japan in proactively carrying out innovative efforts to expand the fun of sports throughout Japan.
June, 2018 We signed a comprehensive agreement with a major Japanese telecommunications company in relation to sports technology from both Europe and North America. Together with the company, we plan to introduce the latest sports technology in Japan and to create a new way of enjoying Japanese sports.
August, 2018 In collaboration with Drive Your Own Passion’s Mr. Satoshi Yamada, we presented three proposals to Start Today’s CEO, Mr. Maezawa entitled “Dear Mr. Yusaku Maezawa” requesting the building of a new professional baseball team.