Our Thoughts on Establishing Sporta

Breathing Life into Sports

As a Japanese who, from early childhood, grew up in the United States, where sports entertainment is popular, I recognized that while sports are competitive in Japan and athlete skills are quite high, the entertainment and attitude aspect were comparatively low.

Because of this, our company has chosen to make sports more appealing to the viewer by  bringing an “interest” aspect with the purpose of ensuring fans are happy and engaged.

We want you to become more informed about the global sports scene.

The internet age has been around for more than 30 years. Despite the globalization of society, we feel that Japan’s latest trends for sports performance, sports technology, and sports business are still limited. We will actively be distributing this information while constantly seeking the best way to communicate with viewers on sports related topics around the world and maximize the charm of sports from Japan.

We encourage Japanese athletes and sports business to challenge on the World Stage.

Although there are many athletes and sports officials with rare talents and abilities in Japan and sports related companies (food industry, health industry, technology industry etc.), we rarely see them in the world’s top sports scenes. We seek to grow those people, services, and enterprises abroad and share the splendor of Japanese sport to not only domestic sports officials but also sports officials around the world.

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